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One of the most powerful and, at the same time, challenging parts of building a canvas app is that you start with a blank screen. This gives you the ability to build what you want, but to do that you have to know what you want.

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Don’t be tempted to recreate the piece of paper exactly. This is possible but might not be the ideal solution. Accountsure will help you challenge the existing process and ask what it is the business needs to do, not what does the piece of paper or old software allows you to do, it opens the possibility of better, more efficient processes. For example, maybe on the paper process, the user had to type notes about what they see. Would it be better instead to just take a picture? This type of thinking will lead to better apps and better outcomes.

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Latest Activity Screen

In Many Cases

In many cases, when purchasing software to solve and or streamline business solutions, many business processes don’t quite fall within the software’s supported guidelines. When you run into this issue, typically, there are several internal discussions and meetings held to determine how those unsupported processes can be updated/altered to meet the software requirements. For most organizations, this isn’t ideal because of the cost or time it takes to update those business processes. The great news is, Accountsure will build a custom solution tailored to the exact needs of your business requirements.

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