Leveraging Your Centre of Excellence to Build Your Power Apps

Efficient and optimized business applications cultivate control over processes and stipulate real-time insights performing better than the status quo. Microsoft Power Platform helps businesses develop a cost-effective IT platform that provides a comprehensive user experience with enhanced reporting, form, and workflow creation. Different organizations recognize that this is an exceptional platform. However, software on its own cannot deliver results or drive innovation. For that, businesses require a system of policies, programs, and people that can devise ways to scale solutions, improve processes, and administer control and governance. 

Microsoft recognizes this and has created a framework called Centre of Excellence that can help businesses make the most out of the Microsoft Power Platform, particularly Power Apps. Let’s dive deeper.

What is the use of a Power Platform?

In the digital age, data is what drives organizations to build new different business models. But collecting data and making use of it are completely different things. Data analysis is a time-consuming process that involves a substantial amount of resources, especially when done from scratch (building the data analytics software yourself).

To overcome this challenge, Microsoft has developed the Power Platform that democratizes data and enables non-technical end-users to automate and analyze their data without coding knowledge. 

The Microsoft Power Platform is a low code application that is part of Microsoft 365. The Power Platform covers four main areas: Power Apps, Power Bi, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents that guide people on managing and analyzing data with greater efficiency. 

What is the Centre of Excellence?

Put simply, the Centre of Excellence is a centralized function that powers innovation and unites employees with one goal – bringing knowledge and experiences to the table. Further, it introduces a new level of consistency within the organization through standardized governance and training that nurtures the organization’s growth. On top of that, it also fosters creativity and initiates better communication through shared information. 

The Center of Excellence guards the platform to improve workplace productivity through a series of standardized processes for control and governance. CoE also introduces various security protocols to mitigate the risk of unauthorized parties getting access to company data. The absence of CoE can result in inconsistent data reports, outdated solutions, and redesign that costs businesses thousands, if not millions.

Utilizing Centre of Excellence in PowerApps

The core product of Power Platform is the PowerApps that is one of the most straightforward interfaces to create applications. It is a no-code/low code approach that enables you to build mobile-friendly applications quickly. Moreover, it is an easy custom app developer that connects to several third-party systems such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for business and Delve. It effectively optimizes business processes and automates user-defined workflows that allow organizations to focus on their clients and improve business logic. 

To make setting up Microsoft Power Platform easier, Microsoft has developed a Center of Excellence Starter Kit that provides a collection of tools that focuses on both administration and governance functions. It includes various PowerApps and Power Bi analytics reports to manage the collected data. 

Additionally. following is a list of essential points to consider when building a Power Platform CoE: 

  • Utilize the Power Platform Administration Portal to build PowerApps, and manage data components. 
  • Separate development and testing from production with well-planned systems and SOPs to guarantee that reduce time-to-market and improve quality of solutions that make it to the end-users.
  • Use Power Platform analytics to identify how apps perform in the business. 
  • Ensure compliance and granular control by administering data policies. 

What Benefits to Expect from the Centre of Excellence

The Microsoft Power Platform CoE helps PowerApps nurture business growth while establishing powerful administrative guardrails that facilitate productivity without restricting autonomy. The most common ways businesses can benefit from CoE in PowerApps include: 

  1. Access to better tools

One of the top goals of the CoE is to drive innovation and excellence through well-developed apps. The CoE along with Microsoft Power Apps enable organizations to provide employees with smart apps through a standardized platform that helps teams streamline and automate their workflows, resulting in improved productivity. 

  1. Increased visibility

The CoE also plays a role in helping businesses assess their needs with powerful analytics. Visibility within the organization is of paramount importance and the Microsoft Power Platform comes with all of the necessary tools to extract insights from raw data.

  1. Storing data safely

PowerApps supports businesses in taking control of their data and CoE provides tried-and-tested data management policies to ensure that data is stored securely. Microsoft is also one of the biggest cloud vendors in the world and offers extremely scalable and secure data services and cloud computing capabilities to small-medium enterprises (SMEs) at very affordable costs. 

Wrapping up....

The Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence empowers businesses to drive innovation and higher efficiency while preventing data loss and offering a space for employees to innovate and grow without being held back by the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure.

Getting started with Microsoft’s Power Apps isn’t difficult but making the most out of the platform and aligning it with organizational goals requires technical expertise. AccountSure helps small-medium enterprises (SMEs) leverage Microsoft’s Power Apps’s full range of enterprise-grade features and with the ideal setup. 

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