8 Ways Microsoft Power Apps Can Save Your Business Money

Workplace productivity has always been a hotly debated topic because different managers use different strategies. However, there is one thing that all modern management tactics have in common, the use of productivity apps. Employees agree too – 92% of them saying that technology not only helps them be more efficient but also improves work satisfaction. Especially now, in the era of remote working, productivity apps are critical in ensuring the workplaces remain connected, irrespective of geographical restrictions.

But the immense demand has also resulted in a saturated productivity apps market, with more than 1.95 million apps across different platforms, the business world is spoilt for choice. The problem is, not all apps are made the same, with many creating non-productivity issues and inconveniences, instead of resolving them.

For years, we’ve tested thousands of productivity apps against enterprise-level requirements and the clear winner has been Microsoft Power Apps.

Luckily, there is a game-changing tool that is making waves because of its smart functionality, convenience, and benefits Microsoft Power Apps is a productivity suite of services, connectors, apps, and a data platform that help businesses boost employee motivation, reduce workload, and facilitate collaboration within the organization.

Top benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Millions of businesses around the world rely on Microsoft Power Apps to drive workplace productivity through numerous benefits, including:

1. Centralized ecosystem

Power Apps brings project management, data entry, document management, and other crucial business functions under one roof. It enables businesses to build and customize a system that connects employees to a central ecosystem of applications and systems, facilitating collaboration, boosting efficiency, and reducing error margins. It integrates various applications such as One Drive, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, and Server, making the development and execution phases more convenient and quicker.  

2. Managing data with the connector library

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the best productivity suits for data management. It has more than 275 built-in data connectors that extend a business’s data storage and access control capabilities. Leverage the connector library to handle common tasks.  No more time-consuming configuration or drag-and-drop tasks from cloud services and other apps, just save or share files with the right individuals. 

3. Cross-platform support

Microsoft Power Apps is browser, mobile, and laptop-ready across both Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is designed to provide a seamless cross-functional experience and gives your team access to company necessary files, irrespective of their work setup. It provides the freedom to work anywhere and the ability to secure the information in a safe, quick way. 

4. Low to no-code requirements

Power Apps is a low to no-code solution that allows users to create, design, and customize their proprietary apps without technical expertise. Most of the coding requirements of Power Apps simply require choosing descriptive features to create the ideal interface. The provided toolboxes and designer interface enables anyone to build apps, add/remove fields, or adjust the screen layouts within an hour or so. 

Additionally, the ready-made templates empower your workforce and simplify the necessary tasks, resulting in better customer service, greater productivity, and faster attainment of business goals.  There is also a Help Centre with an extensive list of resources to help new users.

5. Automation

Microsoft Power Apps also comes with a range of automation solutions that further improve employee productivity. With the right integrations, employees can automate numerous workflows in Excel, Sharepoint, and other apps. The Office 365 integration offers seamless navigation because of the already familiar interface while the Microsoft Flow, which is now a part of Power Automate, allows real-time updating or changing data across various applications. 

6. Usage of Common Data Service (CDS)

Power Apps uses Common Data Service (CDS) for storage and securing data. This enables users to create apps by harnessing the mechanisms of Power Apps and CDS directly across your ERP or Dynamics 365 CRM solutions. There is no need for manual configurations, allowing your team to access the stored information quickly. 

7. Real-world AI applications

AI isn’t a buzzword anymore and businesses have very real AI requirements. To satisfy the demand of such organizations and their AI applications, Microsoft Power Apps comes with AI Builder, a powerful feature that delivers the following capabilities:

  • Category classification
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Invoice processing
  • Business card reader with automated data capture
  • Identity document reader
  • Text recognition and translation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Receipt processing
  • Interactive bots.

8. Reducing operational overhead

Developing proprietary apps and deployment involves associated costs like licensing of developers and components. With Power Apps, the development cost is 70% less, which can become a significant competitive advantage for business owners.

Technically, all subscribers of Microsoft 365 can use Power Apps services with non-premium connectors. If you need premium connectors, you can avail of the per-app plan for $5 or per-user plan unlimited apps for $20. 

Wrapping up....

The competitive landscape is changing, and the advantage is shifting to data-driven companies. Keeping your business relevant and ahead of the competition is a must. By leveraging the functionality and benefits of Microsoft Power Apps, businesses promote innovation and creativity in the workplace. 

Getting started with Microsoft’s Power Apps isn’t difficult but making the most out of the platform and aligning it with organizational goals requires technical expertise. AccountSure helps small-medium enterprises (SMEs) leverage Microsoft’s Power Apps’s full range of enterprise-grade features and with the ideal setup. 

Allow our dedicated team of professionals to custom build your app to specifically suit your business

With Power Apps, you can build a custom solution tailored to the exact needs of your business requirements. Once you start using Power Apps to get things done and keep people informed, your options are nearly limitless.

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